JCI World Congress vom 04.11.2019 bis 08.11.2019 (= 5 Tage)

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04.11.2019 - 08.11.2019 (= 5 Tage)

Registration for the WC2019 Senate Programme

Dear Senator!


Warm welcome to the World Congress 2019 in Tallinn!


Here you find all necessary links for signing up to Senate events and more suggested for Senators. Our congress has the special focus on senators, also, we will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the European Senate. You want to be part of this!


Please do register to ensure the Pure Magic experience!


Senate Programme at JCI WC2019 in Tallinn:

1.-9.11Side Events (extra fee), limited seats Register now!

3.11 at 6-8pm - Pre Dinner (extra fee) Register now!

4.11 at 9-10.30am - ASE Business & Networking event Read more

4.-7.11 at 5pm-7pm & 9pm-1am - Senate Bar Read more

4.-8.11 open 24h - 24h Lounge for all delegates Read more

4.11 at 11am-1pm - Networking for senators & members Register now! Read more

5.11 at 2-6.30pm - The World famous Arvo Pärt’s concert (extra fee, incl transport) Register now!

5.11 at 2-4pm - ASE Board Sauna Meeting 

5.11 at 7-9pm - Home Hospitality Dinners in Estonian homes, limited seats Register now! Read more

6.11 at 9.30-11.30am - JCI Senate Joint Board meeting Read more

6.11 at 12am-1pm - High level Investment seminar for Senators in Lauluväljak Register now! Read more

6.11 at 1.30-3.30pm - Senate Lunch in Lauluväljak (Smart Casual) Register now! Read more

6.11 at 5.45-9pm - Reception & Ballet Evening (extra fee) Register now! Read more

7.11 at 9-12am - ASE Board meeting Read more

7.11 at 12.30-2pm - National Senate Presidents Lunch Register now! Read more

7.11 at 3-5pm Bumblebee (by invitation only) Read more

8.11 at 7.30pm - Farewell Gala 

9.11 at 11am-2pm - Farewell Brunch (extra fee) Register now!