JCI Senators Expectations at World Congress

JCI Senators desire to be a continuing and viable support organization for JCI through attendance at World Congresses as a means to provide a business and entrepreneurial network for Junior Chamber members. JCI Senators recognize that as they move away from activities designed and intended for Junior Chamber members, it is important to provide a venue to encourage and attract ongoing participation and support at World Congress by JCI Senators to extend business opportunities and contacts to Junior Chamber members. The guidelines set forth herein are intended to establish a venue to accommodate JCI Senators needs and desires without burdening JCI or the Congress Organizing Committee.


The purpose of this document is to provide a framework within which JCI Senators can take greater responsibility for ensuring the existence and quality of Senator programs at JCI World Congress. It is believed by those who sign this document that the assurance of quality programs and value for money will mean increased participation by JCI Senators at future World Congresses.


A. To encourage Senator participation at JCI World Congresses.

B. To create a link between Congress Organizing Committees and Senators Associations.

C. To make certain that visiting Senators are exposed to the business, cultural and governmental institutions of the host NOM and come away from the event with a positive image of the meeting venue.

D. To assure that Senators can take some responsibility for the financial requirements of their program as well as to assure that “senior” Senators particularly, receive value for the registration money paid and for the defined senate programs.



The Congress Organizing Committee will have a Chairman for the Senators program. This person shall be a JCI Senator with experience in International events and with an active link to the Area Senators Association where Area Senators Associations exist.


The Senate Organizing Committee will be comprised of JCI Senators from the national and/or Area Senator Associations. This committee will support staff and in conjunction with the COC assist the COC for all aspects of the Senators Program. There should be at least one JCI Senator represented from each Area Senator Association.

C. Area Senate Association

The Area Senate Association (ASE, ASAC, AASA) should assist the National Association when asked or necessary in order to accomplish the program.

D. Responsibility

The Secretary of the Host Area Association or NOM Senate Organization will be responsible for organizing Area or Joint meetings that are planned for the Congress. He/She shall work with the Senate Administrator at JCI to provide venues and necessary presentation tools for the meetings. A letter of understanding and agreement between the COC for the good faith implementation of the Senate Expectations set forth herein and the Area Senators Association will be executed identifying the SOC Chairman and an Area Senate Association liaison to the SOC.

E. Local Contact

The SOC Chairman shall where ever possible be the point of contact for all negotiations during the period leading up to the event and during the week of the event itself.


A. Hotels

The official Senators Hotel should be of good quality but not necessarily be the most expensive hotel in the market. It should be conveniently located for other venues. An alternative, lower priced hotel in the vicinity should also be available for those Senators not wishing to pay for deluxe accommodations.

B. Event Venues

The venues for meetings, the Senators Breakfast and the Banquet should be suitable for the number of participants. Organizers need to be aware that spouses and accompanying guests should be able to attend the events as well, and seating appropriately allocated.

C. Transportation

Events held off the premises of the Senators Hotel should have adequate transportation to arrive in time for the events and to return to the Senators Hotel.

D. Space requirements

While the number of participants might have to be limited from time-to-time for some special events, consideration should be given to assure that each Senate NOM has an opportunity to be represented.

E. Local Senate Contact

There shall be a local Senator contact who is multilingual. This person should be available in case of emergency to assist Senators requiring emergency or health services. To this end, a list of local emergency numbers and locations of doctors and dentists who are multilingual should be available to all Senators in case of need.


The Area Senators Association and/or NOM Senate will work with the COC and JCI staff to develop a marketing plan to reach Senators throughout the world with information regarding the planned program, costs and advance registration. The COC and SOC will make certain to provide the JCI Senate Administrator with information as early as possible so that it may be included in regular communications from JCI to Senators. JCI will promote and publicize Senator programs and activities on the JCI web site.

Senators from the SOC will endeavor to present the Senators program at the various Area Conferences and at national meetings of significant organizations.


JCI and the COC will assure that there is a separate location in the Registration area where Senators may pick up pre-registrations or Register on site including registration of spouses and Senator guests. The registration form should include means to identify senators and senator spouses and guests. In addition, there will be a Senators Desk located in the Registration area where ticket exchanges and information regarding tours and events may be obtained. Every effort should be made by the COC and SOC to make certain there are multilingual persons available for those who do not speak the local language. Senators knowledgeable about the program and schedule should staff these registration positions.


A. Fundraising Authority

JCI and the COC will grant financial authority to the SOC to the extent that they may be able to use their own sources to raise funds and obtain sponsorships for the successful completion of the Senators Program. The SOC shall have the ability to solicit and spend its own funds.

B. Allocation of Registration Monies

JCI and the COC shall continue the current allocation of registration fees for Senate Hospitality, Senate Luncheon/Banquet with a suggested minimum of $5.00 (U.S. Five Dollars) of each registration being allocated for Senator Programming and, a minimum of $45.00 from each Senators Registration being allocated for a Senators meal (see in ‘PROGRAM’ below).

C. Delegate Activity Fees

Each JCI Senator shall have the option of taking full, normal JCI registration or of electing to not participate in Congress Events targeted primarily to Juniors. If a “cafeteria menu” of activities becomes available, it shall also be offered to Senators.

D. Accounting

The SOC shall provide an accounting of monies received and expended. Any “profit” generated will be turned over to the SOC of the next World Congress.


A. Senators Bar/Meeting Point

It is suggested that a venue exclusive to Senators be provided. During the course of each day it should be the place where Senators and their guests can congregate prior to departing for scheduled events. The SOC should make non-alcoholic beverages available at all times of operation preferably at no charge. In addition, during specific scheduled times of operation made public to all Senators, appropriate beverages (where legal) will be available to all Senators. It is suggested that as policy, these times should include every evening between five and seven P.M. and from ten P.M. until closing. If it is not possible to have a “free” bar, then prices shall be at cost basis. Efforts should be made to receive donations and/or sponsorship of the Senators Bar to defray expenses.

B. Activities

The SOC shall provide an array of programs of interest to Senators. These can include, but not be limited to, sightseeing tours, industrial and business tourism, cultural events, meetings with public officials, etc. In any event, a full schedule of proposed programs including but not limited to opening ceremony, trade show, senate home hospitality, speakers, gala and costs shall be available via Internet and in print no later than January first of the year of the event. Activities should be planned for Senators during times of JCI activities. Advertised programs can be cancelled due to lack of interest or advanced booking, but a basic program is essential to the successful marketing of the Congress.

C. Senators Luncheon/Banquet

There shall be a special meal for Senators at each World Congress hosted by the World Senate President (JCI IPP) and the Area and NOM Senate Chairmen/Presidents. Reserved and VIP seating will be kept to a minimum. Preferably, Senators should be seated among their Senator colleagues to foster friendship.

D. Exclusivity

All tours and programs should be exclusively for Senators and their guests. Every effort will be made to ascertain that all tours and programs are accompanied by local multilingual Senators who are knowledgeable of the tours and programs. Tours and programs should be timed so as not to interfere with scheduled major programs, national events, etc.

E. Senators Breakfast

Every effort should be made to schedule a Senators Farewell Breakfast on the morning following the close of the event. This breakfast should be at minimum cost and its timing publicized well in advance so as to be known prior to booking travel. Senators bear the cost of the breakfast in the absence of a COC sponsorship.